Tips For Personal Injury Claims in Dublin

Filing personal injury claims can be daunting if you do not know what to do. If you need to file one of these claims, it is important to know certain information first. There are also some tips that you can use to ensure your claim is handled as smoothly as possible.

The Time Limits

The time limits for your injury claim will vary depending on the type of claim being made. It is important that you know what the statute of limitations is for your claim because you are unable to claim if this has elapsed. As there are varying time limits, you need to get legal advice regarding your claim as soon as possible.

The most common type of personal injury claim is based on negligence. This will generally have a time limit of 3 years. This means that you need to file a personal injury claim within 3 years of the incident which caused the injury. There are times when these limits are extended, but they are rare and handled on a case by case basis.

Getting Legal Advice

It is recommended that you hire a solicitor to help you with the personal injury claim. They will be able to tell you if you have a viable claim and will handle all the paperwork for you. They can also take your case to court if necessary.

When getting legal advice, you should choose a solicitor who specialises in personal injury law. This is a very large legal field and it might be better to narrow this down further. Finding a personal injury solicitor who works with the types of accidents you have is recommended.

The cost of the legal advice will vary and most will offer a conditional fee agreement. This means that you only pay the solicitor if they win your case. It is important to note that if your case is lost, you may be liable for the legal fees and expenses of the other side. To cover this, you should take out insurance.

Keep All Documents

To ensure the best chance of success with your claim, you need to have as much documentation as possible. Any documents related to your injury from medical records to medical expense invoices should be retained. This will help your solicitor determine your claim and show that there is a basis for this.

If your injury was caused by an accident where the police were called, you need to have a copy of the police report. Any communication you have with people in authority or the insurance companies will also need to be retained. These documents will need to take to the solicitor when you first meet them to help them determine your case.

Personal injury claims can be a daunting process and you need to get legal advice before you file any claims. The solicitor will be able to tell you if your claim is viable and they will help you with all aspects of the claim. Before you get to the solicitor, you will need to keep copies of all documentation related to your claim.

What To Consider When Choosing A Personal Injury Solicitor

Understanding Personal Injury Claims Law

Have you recently been involved in an accident that was another party’s fault or have been a victim of medical negligence? If so, then you are entitled to pursue a personal injury claim and seek fair compensation for any damages and injuries sustained. However, the process of pursuing a claim might be complex and overwhelming especially if you have little to no knowledge of the legal system. It is, therefore, imperative to ensure that you have the best legal assistance on your side before commencing the process.

A professional personal injury solicitor is an accredited legal expert who specializes in representing victims who have been injured due to the negligent acts of others. They strive to ensure that their clients receive the best amount of compensation following the accident. A professional personal injury lawyer will have your best interests at heart. Their services go way beyond legal representation as they also offer emotional support, advice, and may also help you get access to various services you need to help you in your recovery.

With thousands of personal injury solicitors available in the UK, choosing the best one for you is fundamental. If it’s your first time, you may not know which firm to choose or what to look out for. To help you choose the best solicitor for you, here are some of the top factors to consider.


Word of mouth is always an effective method of finding a professional in any field. If a family member, friend or colleague has had success in the past making a personal injury claim will provide you with important information about the firm of the lawyers they used. Even though you may not necessarily realize the same success as your friend or family member, asking for recommendations is a great way to commence your search.

Professional Accreditations

When looking to hire a personal injury solicitor, it is important to ensure that the law firm has professional accreditation from relevant authorities. Professional accreditations help you to identify solicitors that are experienced, reputable and are committed to providing quality legal services to their clients.

Accreditations from The Law Society, Solicitors Regulation Authority and The Association Of Personal Injury Lawyers can help you identify a reputable and professional law firm.

Specializes In Personal Injury Law

When choosing a personal injury solicitor, choose a law firm that specializes in handling personal injury cases. General law firms may be jacks-of-all-trades but masters of none. They may not have the necessary experience or expertise in pursuing personal injury claims. It is worth noting that personal injury claims have complex procedures and require special knowledge and skill. Solicitors who have specialized in personal injury law offer you the best chance of success as they are experts in the field.

Terms Of Payment

The terms and conditions of payment tend to differ from one law firm to another. It is therefore important to find out what you are getting into before committing to a particular personal injury solicitor.

Even though most law firms handle personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that you pay the solicitor’s fees only if you are awarded a settlement, there are law firms that will deduct a huge amount of money from your compensation in order to cover the legal fees. It is, therefore, important to first discuss with the solicitor about their terms of payment and make comparisons and choose the solicitor with the best deal.

Proven Track Record

It is important to check out past personal injury cases that have been handled by the law firm in order to get a rough insight into what to expect. A professional and reputable law firm should have a long list of successful cases. In addition, you should consider whether the law firm has been successful in having their clients awarded fairly large amounts of compensation to ensure that the firm you choose is ready and willing to fight to ensure that you get the best amount possible.

Beware Holiday Accidents & Personal Injury Claims

When people think about taking a holiday, they usually picture something idyllic. However, a vacation isn’t necessarily going to be the perfect getaway. It’s possible that you could wind up getting into some sort of accident while you’re away from home. Here’s what you should know about the risks of vacation accidents and what you can do to mitigate those risks.

There Are All Kinds Of Accidents That Can Occur

There are plenty of things that could go wrong when you’re out of town. You could get into an accident, which would require you to seek medical attention. You could fall ill, which means you’d need to see a doctor. Your luggage could be lost during your flight, which means those items would have to be replaced. Your flight could be delayed, which means you could miss out on one of your vacation days.

A lot of people focus on the things they’re looking forward to when it comes to vacations. They don’t think about all of the things that could go wrong. Even though many vacations go off without a hitch, it’s best to prepare for unfortunate occurrences. If you’re ready to deal with accidents, then these accidents won’t wind up causing big problems for you.

An Accident Could Have Devastating Consequences

A lot of people ignore the risks associated with traveling for a number of reasons. People tend to assume that bad things won’t happen to them. Sometimes, people think that an accident wouldn’t be that bad and that they would deal with the problem if it happened.

There’s nothing wrong with having a positive attitude, but it’s important to know that an accident could wind up having some very big consequences for you. A lot of people wind up losing significant amounts of money because of accidents that occur when they’re traveling. An accident could wind up having a major financial toll, and it can have physical consequences as well.

Travel Insurance – The Protection That You Need

If you want to protect yourself when you’re traveling, then the best thing that you can do for yourself is invest in some sort of travel insurance. Travel insurance policies usually aren’t that expensive, and they can provide you with plenty of protection while you’re abroad.

There are all kinds of travel insurance policies out there, which means you can look for a policy that provides the kind of coverage you’re looking for. You should seek out an affordable policy that provides coverage in a wide range of situations. You’ll want to make sure you’ll be taken care of if anything does go wrong.

Travel insurance is an extra expense, but it’s something that is worth paying for. If you don’t have travel insurance, you should learn more about it and see if this is something you want to purchase.

Personal Injury Accidents on Vacation

In addition to purchasing travel insurance, you may want to take some extra precautions that will help to keep you safe. For example, you’ll want to provide a copy of your itinerary to people back home. Let people know when you’ll be checking in with them so that they can notify the proper authorities if they don’t hear from you. It’s always better to be safe than sorry is these instances!

You should be aware of the risks of having an accident while on vacation. Even though people take holidays because they want to relax, accidents are always a possibility. As long as you know what you’re dealing with, you should be able to prepare and take steps to protect yourself.

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